Friday Night Magic (FNM) - Commander

The Cool Place - 2602 Dawson Rd

  • This event has passed.
Friday Night Magic (FNM) - Commander
*We will allow a 5-10 minute grace period for arriving to the event only to those who inform someone at the event of a late arrival, or even as a casual game is being finished up, etc. If you are later than the start time, or grace period, you can still potentially join tournaments, but with relevant round losses.
**All Commander events held by TCP will be timed at 1.5 hours per game. Once time is called, the active player completes their turn, then each other player gets one additional turn. At the end of these turns, the player with the highest life total wins. When applicable, the remaining player’s life totals will also determine their round placements from highest to lowest.
***The only time these may not happen is if some other event has priority at the same time, such as Pre-Release.

Location: The Cool Place - 2602 Dawson Rd

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